John Lurie: Fishing with John by Glenn O'Brien

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BOMB 64 Summer 1998
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John Lurie.

John Lurie is sort of the art equivalent of a heptathlete. A heptathlete is, I think, someone who competes in seven different athletic events, either that or it’s someone who performs feats of strength with their liver. In any event, the point is that Lurie is one of the most talented and versatile men on earth or wherever men are found. He’s a saxophonist, a composer, a band leader, a harmonicat, a music producer, an actor, a film director and screenwriter, film scorer, painter, expert fisherman, record company owner and CEO, and author (he’s currently writing a book called What Do You Know About Music, You’re Not a Lawyer!).

This summer is a particularly auspicious one for Mr. Lurie. Having had less than satisfactory experiences with major record companies, he has started his own, Strange and Beautiful Music, on which he will release a new CD by his band The Lounge Lizards, The Queen of All Ears. He will also release two soundtrack CDs: African Swim/Manny & Lo which combines Lurie’s extraordinary scores for two independent films, and Fishing With John, the soundtrack to his long awaited action adventure comedy drama television series.

Fishing With John, which debuts on the Independent Film Channel on June 15, consists of six episodes in which the expert angler Lurie travels to the world’s most challenging and exotic fishing spots accompanied by guest fishermen, including Willem Dafoe, Matt Dillon, Dennis Hopper, Jim Jarmusch, and Tom Waits. This show is thrilling, hilarious, terrifying, moving, and unprecedented, except maybe for Sea HuntBass MastersJacques Cousteau andGilligan’s Island. Phone your cable company and demand the Independent Film Channel now. (Even though F.W.J. will also be seen on Bravo.) And don’t forget to pick up all of John Lurie’s unique, sumptuous, soulful, and exquisite recordings and have a nice day.

—Glenn O’Brien

Willem Dafoe by Louis Morra
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Quntos KunQuest by Zachary Lazar
Illustration of two men against an abstract background, one of the men holds a key and the other appears to have a baseball resting against his shoulder. The paper is heavily creased as if it had been folded.

Two decades into a life sentence, KunQuest remains determined to live his best life as a rapper, artist, relentless reader, and, now, a debut novelist with This Life.

Issue #152: Jibz Cameron by Svetlana Kitto
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The performance artist aka Dynasty Handbag recounts her journey from the San Francisco DIY scene to New York’s avant-garde theater world and ultimately to Hollywood.

Charles Atlas by Erica Getto
Still from overlaid film portrait of Connie Fleming in TURNING by Charles Atlas

Since the ’70s, the filmmaker, video artist, and pioneer of “media dance” has recorded exceptional bodies in motion—dancers, drag queens, and punk musicians.

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BOMB 64, Summer 1998

Featuring interviews with Tracey Moffatt, Aharon Appelfeld, Eric Kraft, Maurice Berger, Patricia Williams, Richard Powers, Stellan Skarsgard, Jesus “Chucho” Valdes, and Lou Reed. 

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