John Laub by John Ashbery

BOMB 56 Summer 1996
Issue 56 056  Summer 1996
​John Laub

John Laub, Summer’s Garden, 1995, oil on linen, 42 × 84 inches. Courtesy Fischbach Gallery.

John Laub shows us segments of urban or marine landscape that seem on the point of reverting to a previous geometrical identity. That is, instead of imposing a geometry on what he sees, he lets objects take their own shape, one haunted by memories of an ideal world of elemental volumes and colors. It’s as though, in looking over their shoulder at a lapsed order of things, his very contemporary, noncommittal images had frozen at an intermediate stage somewhere between timeliness and timelessness.

Remembering: Wolf Kahn by Stanley Moss
Wolf Kahn 02
Jacolby Satterwhite by Sean Capone
191007 Pw 006

The artist mines the visual languages of virtual reality, contemporary dance, music videos, ancient Roman architecture, and West African shrouding rituals to create a “weird, metastasized utopia” of digital social space.

Mary Lucier by Alex Klein
Wilderness Landscape

Notions of ecological precarity and technological mediation enfold in the degraded landscape; the video artist surveys her decades of prescient and pressing work.

The Energy Between Words: Emmalea Russo Interviewed by Ariel Yelen
G Cover Small

The poet on the physicality of language, making a process to mess it up, and curiosity as optimism.

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BOMB 56, Summer 1996

Featuring interviews with Martha Plimpton, Irvine Welsh, Jeffrey Vallance, Nick Pappas, Mark Eitzel, Lee Breuer, Ornette Coleman, Cheick Oumar Sissoko, Janwillem van de Wetering, and Ada Gay Griffin & Michelle Parkerson on Audre Lorde.

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Issue 56 056  Summer 1996