Jack Rabbit by Cara Perlman

BOMB 4 Fall 1982
004 Summer Fall 1982
4 Carapearlman Body

Cara Pearlman, Jack Rabbit, 1982, acrylic on canvas, 36 × 36 inches.

Natalie Frank by Dasha Shishkin
Natalie Frank 01
The Wick by Lamar Peterson
Lamar Peterson The Wick
Untitled Painting by Melissa Miller
Bomb 10 Miller 001 Body
Misplaced Empathy: Amy Bessone Interviewed by William J. Simmons
Amy Bessone2

Recontextualizing “bad objects.”

Originally published in

BOMB 4, Fall 1982

Mary Heilmann & Ellen Phelan, Georgia Marsh, Paul Bowles, Michael McClard, and Duncan Hannah. Cover by Mary Heilmann.

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004 Summer Fall 1982