Inventory by Suzan Etkin

BOMB 21 Fall 1987
021 Fall 1987

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Bomb 21 Etkin Body

Suzan Etkin, Inventory, 1986, acrylic on canvas, 9 x 12 inches. Courtesy Postmasters.

Yayoi Kusama by Grady T. Turner
Kusama1 Body
Evening in Paris by John Lindell
John Lindell, Evening in Paris, 1993.

Interpretive drawing, Evening in Paris by John Lindell.

Olive Oil Swami by Keith Boadwee
Keith Boadwee, Olive Oil Swami, 1992, unique duraflex photo, 48 × 60 inches. Courtesy of Stux Gallery.

Duraflex photograph Olive Oil Swami by Keith Boadwee.

An Analysis of Decisions Under Uncertainty by Miyoshi Barosh
An Analysis Of Decisions Under Uncertainty

A series of portrait photographs, titled An Analysis of Decisions Under Uncertainty, by Miyoshi Barosh.

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BOMB 21, Fall 1987

James Rosenquist, Julian Barnes by Patrick McGrath, Diane Kurys, Richard Greenberg, and Jeremy Gilbert-Rolfe.

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021 Fall 1987