In Sight: Sundance Filmmakers Talk: Interview with Alicia Conway by Montana Wojczuk

Alicia Conway interviewed at the Sundance Film festival about her new film Rite.

Rite film

I saw Alicia Conway’s short film Rite at Sundance in a little curtained booth all by myself next to a row of other little booths. I could be watching porn in here, I thought, and no one would know. Fortunately the screening booth host was nearby to deter any would-be pervs. Rite is a beautiful and twisted film about a terrifying coming of age ceremony. Reading the program I thought at first it would be some kind of doc. about FGM, but it ended up being a glimmering fairy-tale of a film but with a sinister ending. The main character is a young girl who is being dressed up as if for communion, or a wedding, or some kind of ritual. Sure enough, when she comes downstairs her whole family is waiting to cheer her on in her big day. But instead of some wine & wafers or high-pitched reading of the haftorah things take a very dark turn …

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