Il Tango di Capinere by Hella Santarossa

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Hella Santarossa 001

Hella Santarossa, Il Tango di Capinere, from the series Hit-Paintings, 1981, 78¾ × 63 inches.

Neo Rauch by Sabine Russ
Rauch Marina

“A precisely aimed reach into the immeasurable flow of things.”

Catherine Howe by Madeline Weinrib
Howe 3 Body

During the 1990s, Catherine Howe and I were painters in the same downtown studio building at the edge of the West Side Highway and frequent visitors to each other’s work space. 

Studio Visit: Hiba Schahbaz by Christina D. Bartson
Bright pink and red canvases on the wall and floor featuring a nude female figure , Hiba Schahbaz studio, photo by Christina D. Bartson

Turning the gaze around.