I Believe in Architecture by Carlos Brillembourg & Keith Sonnier

BOMB 46 Winter 1994
046 Winter 1994
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I believe in architecture
It is not art
It is not event
It is not the city
The city is made of it
It is not a game
There are no winners or losers
It is orientation
It must not accept the status quo
It is not dangerous
It must protect the human body
It must be constructed
It is not a picture

—Carlos Brillembourg

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I believe in architecture
It can be art
An event is experienced
It makes a city
And is used to death
It’s not a game but
A necessity
There are winners & losers
(This little piggy’s house was
Blown down)
Orientation to Nature
As its best
It can never accept the Status Quo, it makes the
Status Quo
It can ward off danger
The human body must exist
In its form
It exists when it is built
It offers a view of a
Structured life
You are in the picture.

—Keith Sonnier

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BOMB 46, Winter 1994

Featuring interviews with Haruki Murakami, Ileana Douglas, Dan Graham, Mike Leigh, Campbell McGrath, Dona Nelson, Tran Anh Hung, Julius Hemphill, Stephen Wright, Robert Schenkkan, and Lawrence Gipe.

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046 Winter 1994