Hic et nunc by Marilá Dardot

BOMB 102 Winter 2008
102 Winter 2008 Body

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Marilá Dardot The video Hic et nunc (Here and Now) that I produced in 2002 deals a bit with being open to the present and to change as part of my work process. Rosalind Krauss defines the verbs in Richard Serra’s Verb List of 1967–68 as machines that are able to build his work. Hic et nunc was my set of machines. I began making my own list of verbs, which included the verbs to forgetto dialogueto errto playto move, and again, to forget. Each of the 72 verbs on the list was written by my right hand on a whiteboard and then erased by my left hand: I write to forget, then I erase; I write to experiment, then I erase; I write to multiply, then I erase; I write to want, then I erase; and so on, until I arrive once more at to forget. The video that records this process is played in a loop and projected onto the same whiteboard.

Today, five years later, I am still finding that my work process is guided by that fleeting quality, by that close attention to the present, without any pre-established forms or rules. It is made new every day. And the verbs change from day to day.

— from BOMB’s conversation between Cao Guimarães and Marilá Dardot, Winter 2008, issue #102

hic et nunc from marila dardot on Vimeo.

Cao Guimarães and Marilá Dardot
Guimaraes Dardot 01 Body
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BOMB 102, Winter 2008

Featuring interviews with the Campana Brothers, Cao Guimaraes and Marila Dardot, Ernesto Neto, OsGemeos, Bernardo Carvalho, Francisco Alvim, Lygia Fagundes Telles and Manuel Alegre, Karim Ainouz, Arnaldo Antunes, and Paulo Mendes Da Rocha.

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102 Winter 2008 Body