He Watched Me by James Purdy

BOMB 9 Spring 1984
009 Spring Summer 1984

When at last I saw him  
  I could not say
     Turn away your gaze.
       He watched me
         and I could not turn away:
           held as if blinded by the sight.
             I could not say
               Turn away your gaze.
                 He watched me
                   as he doffed his clothes
                      from across a city street away
                        he watched me
                          with his eyes ablaze
                             each garment rapidly disposed
                               his eyes then sought only me
                                  our rooms so separately far
                                    were suddenly close
                                       Then he had nothing on at all
                                         not one stitch
                                           except his eyes so full of zeal
                                             clothed him you might say
                                                with heavenly light
                                                    as he watched me
                                                      he seemed to say
                                                        I am prepared for you
                                                          but you are far away
                                                            He watched me
                                                              there is no more to say  

James Purdy by Allen Frame
Purdy04 Body
William E. Jones’s Tearoom by Roberto Tejada
​William E. Jones

On June 23, 1962, in Mansfield, Ohio, the brutal murder of two young girls led to the arrest of Jerrell R. Howell, who admitted to the killings after a struggle to force them “to perform oral sodomy.” 

Michael Haneke by Lawrence Chua
Bomb Haneke Body

After seeing my first Michael Haneke film, I left the theater sick to my stomach. Perhaps this is not the most obvious compliment to pay a director, but there is a visceral effect to Haneke’s work that I would be remiss in not sharing.

Pipilotti Rist by Abby Goldstein
Rist 07 Body

Pipilotti Rist is a master at combining environments, imagery, sound, and video to create an alternate reality.

Originally published in

BOMB 9, Spring 1984

Nicolas Echevarria, Pam Yates, art by James Nares and Tom Otterness, writing by Daisy Zamora, Kathy Acker, Glenn O’Brien, and more.

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009 Spring Summer 1984