Happy Birthday to a Beautiful Woman by Mickalene Thomas

BOMB is pleased to present an exclusive clip from Mickalene Thomas’s new film Happy Birthday to a Beautiful Woman.

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November 14 sees the opening of Mickalene Thomas’s new show, How To Organize A Room Around A Striking Piece of Art at Lehmann Maupin in New York. Split into two locations—Chelsea and the Lower East Side—the exhibition contains large-scale paintings, short films, and a tableau environment. The Chelsea location will screen her new documentary, Happy Birthday to a Beautiful Woman, about her mother and muse, Sandra Bush.

BOMB is pleased to present an exclusive clip of this film, a moving portrait of a woman’s hopes and dreams, her childhood, her battles with spousal abuse, drug addiction and cancer, and her role as a source of inspiration to her famous artist daughter.

Mickalene Thomas: How To Organize A Room Around A Striking Piece of Art at Lehmann Maupin, November 1 – January 5 2013. Chelsea: 540 West 26th Street. Lower East Side: 201 Chrystie Street.

For more information, visit the exhibition’s website.

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