Four Poems by Greg Nissan

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From The City Is Lush With / Obstructed Views 

Overcast cobalt, tile unbolted, pictures
 On loan require empty space
  Like an expletive. Grisaille pigeons,
   Endemic to our swamp of
    Commission. If it is you
     Lay and remove the scaffold,
      It won’t be called making    
       But revision tills the hand
        Hedonic. It loses its loss
                         scratching fraction

I realize you faked your
 Agora. What a beautiful Sunday
  Forecast, will you join us
   Intermission. We can breathe in
    That window, it smells like             
     I’m innocent. Every foot finds
      Its size on a spiral
       Staircase. But who dares question
        Direction. That beauty was our
                         pre-existing condition

Ride the bright rails of
 Animal forgetting. It’s Sunday and
  People are betting on accurate
   Guillotines i.e. a music fitting
    Our tinnitus. Cheat off my
     Gnarled barcode, you floodlights? Don’t
      Suppose I’d lend you my
       Threnody too silk to be
        Product of malware. I walk
                          rain scapular

To disrupt disruption I stop
 For red. We interrupt this
  Interruption to bring you carmen
denim skirt a shorn
    Ablution. Boo hoo, you’re körperlich
     In a world full of
      A world full of. We’re all
       Fragile bodies in a virtual                        
        Hedge, pleached to the tune
                         of forks

Greg Nissan is a poet and translator living in Berlin. A chapbook, Obstructed Views, is forthcoming from DoubleCross Press in 2019. His poetry has appeared in or is forthcoming from 3:AM Magazine, Asymptote, Boston Review, Denver Quarterly, Prelude, and Washington Square Review

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