Green on the Outside, Red on the Inside by Meyer Vaisman

BOMB 50 Winter 1995
050 Wintter 1995
50 Vaisman Body

Meyer Vaisman, Green on the Outside, Red on the Inside, 1994.

On the outside, an informal rancho as built by the people of Caracas: clay tile block, zinc roof, held by miscellaneous urban debris. On closer inspection, the windows are cast human pelvises, the joints hair and cement, and inlayed in the wall are casts of pig skulls. On the inside, Meyer’s childhood room, its furniture, books, and objects are kept for him as he left them, displaced from his parent’s house in Caracas.

—Carlos Brillembourg

Tatiana Bilbao by Terence Gower
Tatiana Bilbao 01
In Praise of Drop Shadows by Christopher Page
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The computer screen conjures pictorial space, but its apparent depth is paradoxical.

Atelier Bow-Wow Interviewed by Sunil Bald
2017 02

The Atelier’s research into urban morphology and their transformation of its precepts form the basis for Made in Tokyo: Architecture and Living, 1964/2020, an exhibition opening at the Japan Society this October.

Frederic Tuten’s My Young Life by Thomas Bolt
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My Young Life is a memoir of becoming…

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BOMB 50, Winter 1995

Featuring interviews with Eric Fischl, Billy Sullivan, Luscious Jackson, George C. Wolfe, Tina Barney, Sigrid Nunez, Victoria Williams, Abbas Kiarostami, Ariel Dorfman, and James Carter.

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