Glen Seator by Saul Ostrow

BOMB 58 Winter 1997
Issue 58 058  Winter 1997

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Seator Glen 03 Bomb 058

All images: Glen Seator, N.Y.O.& B, 29’-0”/EAST, Photo by K. Clark. Courtesy of the artist.

Glen Seator’s projects are premised on Art being just another category of event in the world, and simultaneously a social text. His works reorientate our relation to our architectural environment by means of a simple though elegant process of displacement. For his installation at New York’s Kunsthalle, Seator built full-size replicas of their office and bathroom. Installed on edge in their main gallery, this architectural object induces not only a physical uneasiness, but also a psychological one.

Seator Glen 02 Bomb 058
Barry Le Va by Saul Ostrow
​Barry Le Va 01
Gary Simmons by Jodie Bass
Gary Simmons 01

Building a mutable sound system with found materials.

Halsey Rodman by Ulrike Müller
Rodman 01

When asked about the triangles that populate his work, Halsey Rodman mentions, among other inspirations, the light beam of a flashlight in a cartoon—Inspector Clouseau projecting yellow triangles across flat blackness.

Nicola López by Trevor Paglen
Lopez 03

Trevor Paglen on how Nicola López’s jumbled cityscapes reflect the “Anthropic” age we live in.

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BOMB 58, Winter 1997

Featuring interviews with Michael Ondaatje, Billy Bob Thornton, Hilton Als, Oumou Sangare, Emmet Gowin, Donald Antrim, Stuart Hall, Marjetica Portč, Miloš Foreman, and David Rabinowitch.

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Issue 58 058  Winter 1997