Game Over by Paul Benney

Painting by Paul Benney.

BOMB 8 Winter 1983
008 Winter Spring 1985
​Paul Benney

Paul Benney, Game Over, 1983, oil on photosensitized canvas, 60 × 84 inches. Courtesy of PPOW.

Radio Rain by Todd Watts
39 Watts Body

Gelatin silver print photograph with dye transfer, Radio Rain by Todd Watts. 

Two Photographs by Bastienne Schmidt
37 Schmidt 1 Body

Two untitled photographs of Greece and NYC, by Bastienne Schmidt. 

Sixth Leaf by Sokhi Wagner
 Sokhi Wagner, Sixth Leaf, 1987, steel rods, photo-paper.

Construction of steel rods and photo paper, Sixth Leaf by Sokhi Wagner.

Originally published in

BOMB 8, Winter 1983

Edouard Roditi by Bradford Morrow, Taylor Meadeby Alf Young, art by Elizabeth Murray, Ellen Phelan, Pat Steir, and more.

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008 Winter Spring 1985