Futuristic Rhythm by David Walter McDermott

BOMB 1 Spring 1981
001 Spring 1981

a combination of the positive past and present

“The internationally syndicated article by Dr. David Walter McDermott III that puts across the point that America and the World are on the edge of Paradise.”


“Society learns to conduct itself properly”

The gentleman or lady. The individual who dares to take the responsibility of dreaming the most positive dream for Manhattan, America, and the world will, with the help of his likewise thinking friends, surely control the universe shortly. All negatives must be refined out of society by law of nature because negatives only frustrate what modern man wishes to accomplish and that be a veritable paradise on Earth.

It all begins with the calling card. One may be hungry or cold, but one must have one’s proper name and title ready to present to society. It is with the calling or visiting card that one first becomes committed to socialism. The high Art of calling and receiving ones friends is an education for all. A society of friends regularly exchange each others’ worn negative qualities for each others’ ideals of Godliness. Alas the planet Earth is inhabited by wood sprites, nymphs, gods, godlings, spirits, queens, kings, fairies, leprechauns, and good witches. Indubitably we be the Gods of the universe and it be our dream that rules. It is only for us to begin thinking, acting, and dreaming like Gods and the extraordinary inheritance of powers will be ours. It is our destiny to rule. There is no one more fit than us. Heaven, Heaven, all aboard for Heaven.


from a radio broadcast


“Society learns to share”

Please share with your friends. Take them out to dinner. Gladly pay for the cab. Give your clothes that don’t fit to friends they do fit instead of paying bad tailors to butcher the garments. Please share with your friends. Invite your friends to weekend or indefinitely stay at your home when you find them wandering. Be genteel, be aristocratic, take care, handle carefully the society of your friends as one handles precious glass. All will be well when we treat our friends and ourselves like nobility. Remember we are a fallen aristocracy. We must dream each other to the deserved heights of success and glory. We are the inevitable millionaires. Signing off.

China Miéville by Paul La Farge
China Mieville Bomb 01
The Edge of a Life: Jo Ann Beard Interviewed by Chelsea Hodson
Festival Days6

On writing about assisted suicide, taking time to study the consciousness of mushrooms, and freeing herself from the labor of the sentence.

Douglas Crimp’s Dance Dance Film Essays by Rosalyn Deutsche
Triciabrown Ber4610 Copy

At some point in the late ’70s, when Douglas Crimp and I were art history doctoral students at the Graduate Center, CUNY, he invited me to the ballet.

Nathalie Léger by Amanda DeMarco
Nathalie Leger Triptych Revised 2

The archivist and writer’s recently translated triptych fuses autofiction, essay, and criticism to study the complex lives of three female artists in the public eye.

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BOMB 1, Spring 1981

Betsy Sussler by Craig Gholson, Carl Apfelschnitt by Sarah Charlesworth, Michael McClard by Kathy Acker, Eric Mitchell, Becky Johnston, and Amos Poe. Cover design by Sarah Charlesworth.

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001 Spring 1981