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Ja’Tovia Gary & Kaitlyn Greenidge, Becca Blackwell & Okwui Okpokwasili and Deborah Eisenberg & Francine Prose

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Our new three releases will feature conversations between: 

  • Visual artist Ja’Tovia Gary and author Kaitlyn Greenidge 
  • Performance artists Becca Blackwell and Okwui Okpokwaslil
  • Writers Deborah Eisenberg and Francine Prose (revisiting their BOMB interview from 1993 ).

These three new episodes touch on Black womanhood, intergenerational trauma, colorism, gender norms, diasporic education, the politics of embodiment, character building in fiction, first loves, and much more.

FUSE extends BOMB’s longstanding commitment to bringing together artists across disciplines to discuss their work and creative practice. 

Departing from the typical podcast format, there’s no host, no moderator—just two artists in dialogue, unfiltered. In a limited series of six, thirty-five-minute episodes, prominent artists, writers, musicians, performers, and directors select an interlocutor from any creative field with whom they discuss their work and process. 

Our first three releases from our inaugural season featured conversations between visual artists Simone Leigh and Madeleine Hunt Ehrlich, screenwriter-author Nick Hornby and composer Maria Schneider, author-illustrator Mira Jacob and author Scott Cheshire

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Fuse: A BOMB Podcast is made possible in part with the generous support of the Pannonia Foundation.


FUSE is recorded at Brooklyn Recording Studio and Pioneer Works, an artist-run, nonprofit cultural center in Red Hook, Brooklyn dedicated to experimentation, education, and production across disciplines.


FUSE is overseen and produced by Libby Flores, Director of Audience Engagement and Digital Production. FUSE is also co-produced and edited by Myra Al-Rahim and Sophie Kazis, with production assistance by Ethan Primason. Edited and voiced by Chantal McStay, Associate Editor at BOMB Magazine. Our theme music is “Black Origami” by Jlin. Music and sonic ID by Ray Suen. All additional music by Ethan Primason.

Okwui Okpokwasili by Jenn Joy
Okwui Okpokwasili 01 Bomb 137
Pierre by Lee Relvas

First I was Ren’s guest, a role that indicated only the short length of our acquaintance, rather than what it would become later: the strategic adherence to a balance of formality and intimacy designed to showcase only my most appealing qualities.

Abridged Abyss by Justin Taylor

David Berman committed suicide, and I’m like a blackbird that has flown into a bay window and awoken in a flower box, dizzy in gardenia shade, trying to get un-stunned and back on the wing before the neighborhood cats come round.

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