From Slides of a Changing Painting by Robert Gober

BOMB 10 Fall 1984
Issue 10 010  Fall 1984

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Bomb 10 Gober 001 Body

Robert Gober, from Slides of a Changing PaintingUntitled, 1982–84.

Robert Gober by Craig Gholson
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An Analysis of Decisions Under Uncertainty by Miyoshi Barosh
An Analysis Of Decisions Under Uncertainty

A series of portrait photographs, titled An Analysis of Decisions Under Uncertainty, by Miyoshi Barosh.

Ajay Kurian by Shiv Kotecha
Flower-like mirrored sculpture painted in vibrant yellows, oranges, and reds.

The artist’s new sculptures evoke Rorschach-esque flowers and body parts, the threat of climate change, and life on another planet.

The Politics of Rot: Alex Tatarsky Interviewed by Rachel James
Alex Tartarsky performing behind glass with the letter O on it. They stand among plywood sheets with works crudely inscribed on them. Their head is thwon back with an expression of agony on their face with arms extended palms up covered in red paint.

Clowns, compost, and decomposition.

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BOMB 10, Fall 1984

María Irene Fornés, Jeff Weiss, art by Cindy Sherman, Billy Sullivan, Robert Gober, Laurie Simmons, and more.

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Issue 10 010  Fall 1984