From Not-a-Superhero #8, August ’94, issue: Transformed! by Luca Buvoli

BOMB 56 Summer 1996
Issue 56 056  Summer 1996
Luca Buvoli 01

Luca Buvoli, Pages from Not-a-Superhero #8, August ‘94 issue: Transformed!, india ink and pencil on paper. All images courtesy of John Weber Gallery, New York.

Luca Buvoli 02
Luca Buvoli 03
The 19 Diaspora Paintings by Archie Rand
Jamming Opposites Together: Anna Sew Hoy Interviewed by William J. Simmons
Anna Sew Hoy1

Painting that boils down shapes.

Studio Visit: Daniel Turner by Jeffrey Grunthaner
Daniel Turner1

Less is much more. 

Warmer: A Collection of Comics About Climate Change for the Fearful & Hopeful by Matthew Thurber
Warmer 01

Comics have a good chance of surviving ecological disaster. Unlike, for example, blue-chip video art, there may be a place for hand-drawn sequential graphics after floodwaters recede.

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BOMB 56, Summer 1996

Featuring interviews with Martha Plimpton, Irvine Welsh, Jeffrey Vallance, Nick Pappas, Mark Eitzel, Lee Breuer, Ornette Coleman, Cheick Oumar Sissoko, Janwillem van de Wetering, and Ada Gay Griffin & Michelle Parkerson on Audre Lorde.

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Issue 56 056  Summer 1996