From Flow Chart Illuminated by John Ashbery & Archie Rand

BOMB 132 Summer 2015
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Excerpts from FLOW CHART ILLUMINATED, images by Archie Rand with excerpts from John Ashbery’s FLOW CHART, 2014, acrylic on canvas with printed paper appliqué, 36 × 24 inches. Courtesy of the artists.

The 19 Diaspora Paintings by Archie Rand
Making Connections: Joanna Kotze and Jonathan Allen Interviewed by Zachary Fabri

A choreographer and a visual artist imagine ways of inhabiting civic spaces.

Just Keep Running: A Conversation with Tongo Eisen-Martin by Jeffrey Grunthaner
Eisen Martin Banner1

The poet on prison writing, collective art-making, Bay-area resistance, and being read in a thousand years.

14 Person Poem by Jeff Dolven
14 Person Poem Bomb 2

Incorporating poems by Maureen McLane, Dorothea von Moltke, Geoffrey Nutter, Rowan Ricardo Phillips, Sal Randolph, Mónica de la Torre, and Monica Youn

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BOMB 132, Summer 2015

Featuring a cover with hand-drawn verse by Eileen Myles. Interviews with Carolee Schneemann, Nicole Eisenman, David Humphrey, Maggie Nelson, Justin Vivian Bond, Robert Grenier, Leigh Ledare, Chris Kraus, Moriah Evans, and more.

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139125856 07062015 Bomb 132 Cover