Frankfurt by Angela Neúke

BOMB 20 Summer 1987
020 Summer 1987
Angela Neuke, Frankfurt, 1969.

Angela Neuke, Frankfurt, 1969.

BOMB Specific: Dear David: An Exchange by David Geers & Peter Rostovsky
Rostovsky 2001 1000

Great to see you as always. A few questions came to me, typically after all was said and done. I thought I’d send them over while our very interesting conversation was still fresh in my mind.

Judy Linn by Hilton Als
Judy Linn 01

In her photographic work, Judy Linn records the ineffable.

One Minute by Felix Huber
33 Huber Body

“Fotoprojecktion” of a highway and the surrounding industrial area, One Minute by Felix Stephan Huber. 

Originally published in

BOMB 20, Summer 1987

Christopher Durang, Duane Michals by David Seidner, Steve Erickson, and Mona Simpson.

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020 Summer 1987