Four Songs by Tom Verlaine

BOMB 43 Spring 1993
043 Spring 1993
Tom Verlaine 01

All images © 1992 by Tom Verlaine.


Guess I need some EDUCATION …
Grab some whilst I
perchance to dream
Once upon a time ’hear ye hear ye
Plastic wow-wow … . . can’t remember
(In my arms so warm and smooth …
make all the bones in heaven move
… . crack … soothing!!) I’m just
a dipstick searching for truth
But that cop’s from MARS
Fireballs in the air, fireballs everywhere
Hot bubbles made of Light
Zooming thru my skin all night
Yow ooooh oooh ooooo
Ding a ling ling ring ring
Time to wake up … have some
Coffee, have some coffee …
I die a couple times
a night for you
for you I die
a couple times a night
What a thing!
What a thing
oh get lost, cop



De Soto … big shark fins …
My humble abode! That’s where
I been! Livin’ out in my car …
years ago … years and years
Vegas was only maybe half
built . .
Boojobooji … No applause
send for enchiladas
Extra sauce … pour that
stuff on
Just one face card + one ace
will put my game
back in place
Crystal … honey I been
searching for you …
Turn a corner my heart just
goes bumpbump yeah
I know it’s stupid
but what care I?
I got wheels and slots
where you got a mind
You could say she’s a paid
announcement (in pink + olive)
You could say that if you
wanted to … a paid
announcement … vinyl hardware,
white sox too!
Long before my time and after too
This magnificent love … me for you …
They say it’s jolly to pay and pay
You’re no good … guess I like it that way!!
A major embarrassment to my mind!
(1954) (circa)

Tom Verlaine 02


She bought a wig
It was all scrunched up
she laid it right on
my shoe
“You’re a crocodile!!!
That’s what you are!!!
With a crooked smile that I
like so much … you know
I just can’t think. I just
Can’t think!! But I love
the things we do.”
My partner in dismay don’t
like to feel this way maybe
she walk out in this tune …
that’s not quite what I mean …
No doubt one night the statues
Start to walk and maybe
talk a little too … we
could run right out
and paint them green + gold
“‘My partner in dismay’ …
what’s that a joke?”
Yeah a joke. “OH!!”
“Met you just last night
in a dream of cause
so sweet you touched my knee.
I can’t tell you now how
good that felt.
Sometimes I’m worried …
how someone can be disappointed”



Key words: Lonely man in a lonely town.
Overseas factor. Heavy duty.
Raining alot. Love ya baby love ya.
Now I’m ready for the dirty love
calls upon us to perform and
as I take in your sweet perfume …
love ya baby
I wonder if we’re gonna vibrate
close … I mean, will our
vibrations be close?
You know
how two words make a rhyme
You know that old blue dress
of yours it’s about wore out
yeah all worn out … worn
thin … thin … yeah
you can see right thru it
yeah … everyone can see
right thru it …
guess that’s what you like
about it, huh?
Makes me wanna
scream and shout
Love ya baby
So far
So far away … what an expression …
Duty calls
from faraway close

Tom Verlaine is a musician and writer who lives and works in New York City. His instrumental, Warm and Cool, is out now. The lyrics here are from the group Television’s new recording, Television.

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BOMB 43, Spring 1993

Featuring interviews with Tony Kushner, Ousmane Sembene, Jeanette Winterson, Andres Serrano, Faye Myenne Ng, Vernon Reid, Gillian Armstrong, Andrew MacNair, Laurie Carlos, Srinivas Krishna, Mira Schor, and Barbara Hammer.

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043 Spring 1993