Four Poems by Daniel Flores y Ascencio

BOMB 63 Spring 1998
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In the desert
Immense magnificence
A stick
Broken off by time
Jumped into my hand
Bewildered by the sublime gravity
Cast to my hand
By air
And dust
The shoot
Struck a valance
Between my heart
And my steps
A breath of life
In thy hands
Becomes thunder!
A branch
The end
And the beginning of time
Life ephemera
In a road of clay before me opens
Unable to free my self from the staff
It becomes my extended hand
A vein from where my existence flows
Tree of wind
Soothing wood
A twig
Turned serpent
And bird
A gesture immemorial.


On the way to Christal
By mid-summer evening
Red Lake
Is a jade jewel
At times
To the ceremonial grounds
That hold
The silence
The secret
Beneath the lush
Of everything that ever was
At the pond
Near my father’s birthplace.

La Inocencia

para Laura

La Inocencia

Con el tiempo vuelve
Y es virtud
Canto de rio
Pureza de flor

La Inocencia

Transcendental roce
Suave brabura
Riqueza de polvo
Afable gesto

La Inocencia

Y candor
Finita definiciòn
De humanidad

La Inocencia

Tenaz paciencia
Con furia de caballos
Natural fuerza
De incandescente lava

La Inocencia

Ritmo y cadencia
De mi sangre
Cuerpo de maiz
Corazon de jade

La Inocencia

Principio de toda verdad
Sofisticada casualidad
Intuitiva sabiduria
Cultivada ternura

La Inocencia

The Fifth Sun—Autumnal Brooklyn

The Naghuatl sun
In a river of migratorial light

Fire of time
Fluttering its eternal wings
Upon my exiled existence

Casting in a concrete sidewalk
A shadow of life beyond me.

Daniel Flores y Ascencio is a Central American poet and filmmaker. He has organized and translated compilations of poetry from that part of the continent for BOMB’s Poetry in Translation Series. He is currently producing a film in El Salvador.

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Bombcover 63 1024X1024