Four Drawings by William Wegman

Four untitled ink drawings by William Wegman.

BOMB 4 Fall 1982
004 Summer Fall 1982

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William Wegman 01
William Wegman 02
William Wegman 03
William Wegman 04

William Wegman, drawings, pen, brush, and ink.

Two Drawings (Two Heads) by Kerry James Marshall
207785903 07222015 Kerryjamesmarshall Twoheads Bomb 092
Study for Vignette #4 by Kerry James Marshall
Kerry Marshall Bomb 092
Untitled Drawing by Christian Schumann
47 Schumann Body

Originally published in

BOMB 4, Fall 1982

Georgia Marsh, Paul Bowles, Michael McClard, Olivier Mosset & Fred Brathwaite, and Duncan Hannah. Cover by Mary Heilmann.

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004 Summer Fall 1982