Four Drawings by George Herms

BOMB 109 Fall 2009
Issue 109  Cover Final
Fpbomb 109 1 32 Page Herms1 Body

George Herms, Corona #2, 2008, ink/somerset velvet, 34.75 × 47.5 inches. All images courtesy of Smith Anderson Editions, Palo Alto, and Susan Inglett Gallery, New York.

George Herms 02 Bomb 109

George Herms, Family, 2008, ink/Rives BFK, 25 × 38 inches.

Fpbomb 109 1 32 Page Herms3 Body

George Herms, Act II: Away, 2008, ink/Neideggen, 25 × 38 inches.

Fpbomb 109 1 32 Page Herms4 Body

George Herms, Lyric (from Act III), 2008, ink/Rives BFK, 30 × 22 inches.

This issue of First Proof is sponsored in part by the Bertha and Isaac Liberman Foundation and the Thanksgiving Fund.

Walid Ra'ad by Alan Gilbert
Walid Ra'ad 01
BOMB Specific: Jungle Fever by Pascale Marthine Tayou

Pacale Marthine Tayou is a Cameroonian artist based in Belgium. His work has appeared in documenta11 (2002) in Kassel, two Venice Biennales (2005 and 2009), and numerous international exhibitions. Recent solo exhibitions took place at the Serpentine Galleries, London, and Fowler Museum, Los Angeles, both in 2015.

Lucy Winton by April Gornik
Winton 3 Body

Looking at a painting that Lucy Winton had made a few years ago—a strange and colorful assemblage of floating animals that jut, as bas-reliefs, from the board on which they are painted—I asked her about the odd drip coming from the head of a cow floating in the left-hand quadrant.

Portfolio by Jimmy Raskin
Raskin 01

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BOMB 109, Fall 2009

Featuring interviews with Allen Ruppersberg and Cheryl Donegan, Allora & Calzadilla, Joel Shapiro, Lydia Peelle, Rebecca Solnit, Cherien Dabis, Karole Armitage and Lukas Ligeti, and Thomas Bradshaw.

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Issue 109  Cover Final