Fontana by Athos Ongaro

BOMB 6 Summer 1983
006 Summer 1983

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6 Athosongaro Body

Athos Ongaro, Fontana, 1976, marble, 88½ × 6 × 35½ inches.

Kathleen Gilje by Mary Ellen Mark
Gilje 02

Portraiture is about many things: how the subject relates to the photographer or painter, and where the subject’s gaze lies.

Head of Apollo by Unknown Artists
14 Apollo Body

Early second-century Roman marble sculpture.

Torso of an Ephebos
14 Torso Body

Second century Greco-Roman marble sculpture.

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BOMB 6, Summer 1983

Kathy Acker, Jene Highstein, Mark Pauline, James “Son” Thomas, art by Anthony McCall, Judy Pfaff, Julia Heyward, and more.

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006 Summer 1983