Flagday by Gregory Lawrence Lehmann

BOMB 5 Spring 1983
Issue 5 005  Spring 1983

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5 Lehmann Body

Gregory Lawrence Lehmann, Flagday 1982.

Three Photographs by Daniel Morel
Morel 01 Body
Two Photographs by Bruce of Los Angeles
Bruce of Los Angeles. © 1987 by Photoflex.

Two photographs of bodybuilders, one taken circa 1955 and the other circa 1987, by Bruce of Los Angeles from the Body Pictures portfolio.

Caribe Festival by Jacki Ochs
5 Jacki Ochs Body

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BOMB 5, Spring 1983

JoAnne Akalaitis, Gianfranco Gorgoni, H. M. Koutoukas, Rockets Redglare, Mary Mhoon, James McLure, Nightshift, Onue Kuroeman II, James Purdy, Maria Duval, and Joan Tewkesbury.

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Issue 5 005  Spring 1983