Five Poems by David Vandeloo

BOMB 130 Winter 2015
130 Cover


                                                         cylinder, roundel, figure oval
                                                         reprinted laments, its own traditions
                                                             arts of the egg displayed

                                                         miscellanies called rhombus
                                                         we call it an inverted pyramid
                                                             the tapers express it as regret
                                                         misery, dislocation and reply
                                                         desolation and so on
                                                             it and another have not
                                                         survived neither popular
                                                          beginning nor end








We’re in a park. We’re in a park. We’re in a park
We’re on a bench. We’re on a bench. We’re on a bench
I see you in the dark. I see you in the dark. I see you in the dark
You are between the trees with your dog. You are between the trees
with your dog. You are between the trees with your dog
You have a gun pointed at us. You have a gun pointed at us.
You have a gun pointed at us
What am I supposed to do with this?




(12 events in a dual universe
             —for Alfred Jensen


1. X a heart at year’s palm
2. a goblet, damn you
3. crudely formed
4. marzipan nature
5. implies she squares psalmist
6. slug bait

                                                                                              paper    rock    scissors

                                                                                              rock    scissors    paper

                                                                                              scissors    paper    rock

0-4: radix: clover: ginger: geomancer’s
5-1: volume, where 0 is notated as 14
numbers to each quarter



cat hed

64 hexagrams outside names of each month circling an inner rim, each name consisting of 24 “little” houses, where each house has 1600 members at which time it becomes a series of contrasting groups, where one celestial pole accounts for the 12 passions, each passion being a series of 12 gates and each set of 3 gates being one of 12 gauges divining a single square inch as a heavenly sphere, where a heavenly sphere is mud, rock, sand, water in a dual universe, where each duality runs 72 years of solar time against the Mayan long count of 52 years, at which time the series extant for a mere 300 years and brought to a completion of 20 temple floors by aid of a reversal of area offers warmth with the arrival of nomadic prism boundaries, a group to itself and parceled as a deeply correlated symbolism outside the larger white square, which is not white but a red bird when approach is made by way of the grid’s corners within the geomancer’s dual central spheres and when guided by the cabalist passion that confounds ranks and is labeled TIME INDICATOR in dank black divisions, one being summer or blood root and the other being a large circle that contains 360 letters, each letter being one of 6 different grids by which one assemblage of animals observes extension and thus fleshes the odd numbers implanted in the outgrowths, which are earthly black triagrams, each occupying 21 ounces and often diagramed as blood, metal, crust, deep red, and donator and are contrasted in a given single row as might be 12 and 13 when compared to ancient oracle bone inscriptions found on the temple ground plans, each extant plan being friendship, love, resin and death hordes hewed to the lost geometric relation between furniture and the 25th germinal once thought to be a study of optics, which was in turn thought to have produced the color orange by using the numbers 1 - 4 in simple geometric patterns that would now perhaps be thought to most closely resemble what we commonly call a square spiral—and which is a correlative device used to shape 4 elements as the source of what we’re unable to see, at least in 2 colors rather than 6 as the earth is often pictured from lunar aperture machines around the turn of the coincidental decade, that decade which emerged as an outburst of triangulation, pole-painting and additional work.


Whitehead: 41 categories





                                                                                         a lovers’ knot the chancellor
                                                                                                     resembles at foot towards
                                                                                                     fuck       the       presumed
                                                                                                     song       this       death’s
                                                                                                     hangs       on       the
                                                                                                     runic       that       life
                                                                                                     grey mountain song
                                                                                                     rectangular    word    in    the
                                                                                                     of an 8 spoke clover
                                                                                                     control    that    we    prefer    to
                                                                                                     are so close together



    <p> </p><p>lozenge(4 angels of all forgettal<br /></p><p> </p><p>they were attempting at embarrassment<br />  however slight that apt<br />  and seldom rhombus for instance<br />  someone would have squared<br />  it in that nation less true<br />  once they begin even a pamphlet<br />  the second unusual thing forced<br />  tone as if they would not hear it<br />  there can’t be very much even<br />  before the many would have survived<br />  a real corollary forms the prescription<br />  denies ongoing one might speculate<br />  is not for us to say<br />  there must have been broadsides</p>

David Vandeloo lives in Berkeley, CA. His poems have appeared recently in Volume 7 of BafterC, and his chapbook, ARKANSAS, is forthcoming from Cannibal Press. In June, he completed a triptych assembled with wood, paint, different metals, images, shadows, fabric, a flashlight, a photocopier/camera, glass, sand, and seeds. This poetry sample was selected by CAConrad as BOMB’s 2014 Poetry Contest runner-up.

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Originally published in

BOMB 130, Winter 2015

Featuring interviews with Adam Broomberg and Oliver Chanarin, Theaster Gates, Martin Wilner, Paola Prestini, A.G. Porta, Pierre Guyotat, Paweł Althamer, and Eugéne Green.

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