Field Recording by Miho Hatori

In May, BOMB asked artists how COVID-19 and quarantine were affecting their creative process. How were they making art now?

Part of the Field Recording series.

Miho Hatori

BOMB recently asked artists how COVID-19 and quarantine were affecting their creative process. How were they making art now? 

We hope that by sharing their personal experiences we can support our community at large and inspire those who are creating or struggling to create art at this time—in ways provisional and uncertain. BOMB has compiled an extensive list of Artist Resources that we encourage you to visit. 

At the end of each video, contributors name a nonprofit they believe in. BOMB has provided links to those organizations so that you can show your support if you’re able.


I’ve lived in NYC for a long time, but I never saw so many empty streets downtown—it felt like a scene out of a movie. Many neighbors were gone, most likely at their country or second homes. Because of the unusual emptiness, so many thoughts/emotions/memories appeared in my mind. It made me think about why I came here and why I am still here.

This feeling was like floating in the middle of the ocean, alone.

The memory of being in the ocean kept me balanced in this chaotic time.

We need to see the current and sometimes drift.

We human beings always challenge the Unknown.

Chaos … because of it, we need to listen to our surroundings like Nature.

Quietness … because of it, I need to find my fire.

During quarantine, I reread Édouard Glissant’s book Sun of Consciousness, thought about what he wrote, then revisited a few Japanese classical short waka poems called Ogura Hyakunin Isshu (1162–1241).

Then I would imagine the future: How will this period of time we are facing unfold?

I decided to include the song “You Are My Lighthouse,” which I wrote a long time ago as a letter to what/who/where I missed and cared for.

Ah, I adore you …

When the sun reflects your face …

"You Are My Lighthouse" (2020) ©mihohatori

Film by Miho Hatori.

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Miho Hatori is an artist, vocalist, and music producer, formerly of the band Cibo Matto. She has three current projects, New Optimism, Miss Information, and Salon Mondialité. Originally from Tokyo, she now lives in New York City. Her latest, newly released project, Marine Series, is available to stream here.

Édouard Glissant’s Sun of Consciousness by Miho Hatori
Cover of Sun of Conciousness by Édouard Glissant