Female Victory by Tom Otterness

BOMB 6 Summer 1983
006 Summer 1983
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Tom Otterness, Female Victory, 1982, cast, plaster, handpainted edition of three. Photo by Willis Hartshorn. Courtesy of Brooke Alexander.

Female Acrobats by Tom Otterness
​Tom Otterness 01
Hiba Schahbaz Studio Visit by Christina D. Bartson
Hiba Schahbaz Studio1

Turning the gaze around.

Illustration and Language: Caitlin Keogh Interviewed by Caroline Elbaor

Painting the fragmented body.

Life Like: Sculpture, Color, and the Body by Cynthia Eardley
Life Like1

A historical survey of figurative sculpture.

Originally published in

BOMB 6, Summer 1983

Kathy Acker, Jene Highstein, Mark Pauline, James “Son” Thomas, art by Anthony McCall, Judy Pfaff, Julia Heyward, and more.

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006 Summer 1983