FEAR by Evelio Rosero

BOMB 110 Winter 2010
110 Winter 2009

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One time he called home and he himself answered the phone. He couldn’t believe it, and hung up. He tried again and again heard his own voice answer. Then he gathered the courage to ask for himself and his own voice told him not to keep insisting because he was never coming back. “Whom am I speaking with?” he asked, finally, and heard, dumbfounded, what he should never have heard. What did he hear? Nobody knows, but it must have been something terrible because he could not control the laughter rising in his throat, suffocating him. The next day the news wasn’t in the papers, a shame if you bear in mind that all true journalism consists in going beyond appearances, to total truth, and even more if it perhaps had to do with a metaphysical problem in the telephone company. You could inquire into the reality of this event, exposing yourself—it’s true, at your own risk—to the possibility that all the telephones might conspire against you one afternoon and silence you, definitively.


Translated from the Spanish by Anne McLean.

Roberto Bolaño by Carmen Boullosa
Roberto Bolaño 01
After the Massacre by Carlos Fonseca
Hernan Ronsino 01

Staging historical justice in Hernán Ronsino’s Glaxo

Álvaro Enrigue by Scott Esposito
Enrigue Bomb 01

“A writer worried about reception is cooking a dead book. A writer’s job is to produce the best possible book in absolute freedom, so the category ‘acceptable’ does not play in the process at all.”

Jaime Manrique by Edith Grossman
Jaime Manrique By Ra L Jalube Body

“The tragedy of imperialism is that its dehumanizing machinery disrupts the cultures of the colonized. That’s why after imperial powers conquer a nation it sometimes takes centuries for the conquered to create cohesive civilizations again and to regain their identity.”

Originally published in

BOMB 110, Winter 2010

Featuring interviews with Antonio Caro and Victor Manuel Rodriquez, Ducle Gomez, Ana Teresa Torres and Carmen Boullosa, Evelio Rosero, Juan Gabriel Vasquez and Silvana Paternostro, Javier Tellez, Mario Galeano Toro and Marc Nasdor, Sergio Fajardo, and Carlos Cruz-Diez.

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110 Winter 2009