Fashion by José Arman-Pita

BOMB 23 Spring 1988
023 Spring 1988

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Bomb 23 Fashion1 Body

Jacket and Skirt: Plein Sud, Jewelry: Patti Horn for Fragments, Shoes: Susan Bennis Warren Edwards.

Bomb 23 Fashion2 Body

Hat: Victoria DiNardo, Jewelry: Steven Rosen for Fragments.

Bomb 23 Fashion3 Body

Blouse and Skirt: Angelo Tarlazzi, Jewelry: Deanna Hamro for Fragments.

Bomb 23 Fashion4 Body

Left: Dress, Norma Kamali, Shoes, Norma Kamali. Right: Dress. Norma Kamali, Shoes, Maud Frizon. 

Bomb 23 Fashion5 Body

Dress: Saint Laurent Rive Gauche

Bomb 23 Fashion6 Body

Dress: Faycal Amor, Jewelry: Gaetano Fazio for Fragments, Shoes: Susan Bennis Warren Edwards. 

Bomb 23 Fashion7 Body

Dress: Norma Kamali.

Hair: Orlando Raphael

Makeup: Billy B.

Models, Gina Figueroa—Click; Cynthia Bailey; Marina Grosvenor—Women

Black and White Prints by Debbie Keith.

Miranda's Lips by Laren Stover
Ivy Nicholson by Conrad Ventur
Ivy Nicholson Bomb 1

“One white lie gave me a ten-year career in modeling.”

Bella Freud by Elizabeth Cannon
© 1990 by Nigel Shafran.

Elizabeth Cannon on the fashion designer great granddaughter of Sigmund Freud, Bella Freud. 

John Galliano by Lynda Benglis
Lynda Benglis, John Galliano, 1988. Silver necklace by Lynda Benglis. Model: Patti Stoker. Photo by Cynthia Wolff.

Silver necklace by Lynda Benglis and model Patti Stoker—from the Artists Choose Designers portfolio, where nine New York artists interpret the work of nine fashion designers.

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BOMB 23, Spring 1988

Paul Auster by Joseph Mallia, Black-Eyed Susan, Jeanne-Pierre Gorin, April Gornik, Freya Hansell & Susan Rothenberg.

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023 Spring 1988