Extension Cord by Jimmy DeSana

BOMB 1 Spring 1981
001 Spring 1981

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​Jimmy DeSana

Jimmy DeSana, Extension Cord, color photograph. Courtesy of Stefanotti Inc.

Robert Mapplethorpe by Gary Indiana
Mapplethorpe 01
Tina Barney by Marvin Heiferman
Barney 1 Body

Browsing through her diaries in preparation for a retrospective monograph to be published by Scalo books, Tina Barney realized she’d been contemplating photographing nudes since the 1980s

Minority Pin-Ups by Hilton Als & Darryl Turner
38 Als Turner 01 Body

A mixed media collage of photographs and text, titled Minority Pin-Ups, by Hilton Als and Darryl Turner. Photo sources: Melodie McDaniels and others.

Robert Mapplethorpe by Gary Indiana
Mapplethorpe 01

A discussion between long-time BOMB contributor Gary Indiana and the late Robert Mapplethorpe on the New York art scene of the late 1980s and the difficulties of intimacy, comfort and eroticism in photography and portraiture.

Originally published in

BOMB 1, Spring 1981

Betsy Sussler by Craig Gholson, Carl Apfelschnitt by Sarah Charlesworth, Michael McClard by Kathy Acker, Eric Mitchell, Becky Johnston, and Amos Poe. Cover design by Sarah Charlesworth.

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001 Spring 1981