Everything You See Is Real by Ben Ehrenreich

Part of the Fiction for Driving series.

BOMB 107 Spring 2009
Issue 107 0  Cover
Ben Ehrenreich

In the fourth installment in BOMB’s Fiction for Driving Across America series, Ben Ehrenreich reads his story “Everything You See Is Real,” published in BOMB 107’s literary supplement, First Proof.

For copyright reasons, the text version of this excerpt is available in print only; buy the issue here.

Recorded at the studio of Art International Radio.

Boys by Ben Ehrenreich
Oral History Project Podcast
Jeanette Dmoses Rhipodcast 41 2

Pioneer Works and BOMB Magazine collaborated on a ten-week workshop for high schoolers from Red Hook Initiative celebrating our Oral History Project. 

Portfolio by Andy Graydon
Contemporary Poetry Marathon Reading
​Contemporary Poetry Marathon Reading​

The NADA Contemporary Poetry Marathon Reading from May 10, 2014.

Originally published in

BOMB 107, Spring 2009

Featuring interviews with Adam Bartos and A.M. Homes, Jacqueline Humphries, Tod Williams and Billie Tsien, Andrei Codrescu, Mary Gaitskill, Matthew Buckingham, and Pauline Oliveros. 

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Issue 107 0  Cover