Erica Lennard by April Gornik & Erica Lennard

Their legs are offered to the viewer in a vase of shadow and stone. One kicks like a stem tilts. They are clearly angels’ legs, celestial dancers, moving on an axis of stilled time. So does Venus, emerging from cloth like a snake in a basket, her own snake and her own apple. Stiff dead Egyptians can be sexy, sensuous like a fossil with a heartbeat. The most overtly sexy female in her Empire recliner is more removed. Her chaise, like a vitrine, shows her off but it offers her less.

The landscapes are where the blackness lives in the photographs. The blackness has its own inner density, printed with absoluteness like a mezzotint. How can we get to the light when the darkness and weight are so inviting? The mossy fountain burgeons with life, a vanitas. The waterfall fountain is a thing unto itself like the Venus, its own dais and its own axis, turning almost imperceptibly. It spills to renew itself.

—April Gornik

BOMB 32 Summer 1990
032 Summer 1990

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Erica Lennard 01 Bomb 032 Sm

Erica Lennard, Legs, Paris, 1989.

Erica Lennard 02 Bomb 032 Sm

Erica Lennard, Nude Study I, Paris, (Derriere), 1988.

Erica Lennard 03 Bomb 032 Sm

Erica Lennard, ESNA, Egyptian Stomach, 1989.

Erica Lennard 04 Bomb 032 Sm

Erica Lennard, Nude Study III, Paris, (Horizontal Bed), 1988.

Erica Lennard 05 Bomb 032 Sm

Erica Lennard, Nyphenburg, Black Pool, 1989.

Three Photographs by Deborah Turbeville
Bomb 12 Turbeville1 Body
Portfolio by GaHee Park
675823701 01252016 Gahee Park Bomb 06

“Butt on Face”

Eric Fischl by A.M. Homes
Fischl 1

“I’m trying to find out what my relationship to the body is, the comfort and discomfort, the appropriate and the inappropriate.”

Matisse and Laura Ashley Border by Jane Kaplowitz
Article 958  Bomb 21  Kaplowitz

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BOMB 32, Summer 1990

Featuring interviews with Barbet Schroeder, Blue Man Group, Jeanne Silverthorne, Angélica Gorodischer, Richard Nelson, Ed Lachman, Alain Kirili, Griselda Gambaro, and Deb Margolin.

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032 Summer 1990