Engineer’s Gate (AM) by Jack Barth

BOMB 26 Winter 1989
026 Winter 1988 89

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Bomb 26 Barth Body

Jack Barth, Engineer’s Gate (A.M.), 1987, oil, watercolor, charcoal on paper mounted on canvas, 51¾ x 58 inches. Courtesy of Blum Helman Gallery.

Two Paintings by Peter Waite
Peter Waite Peter 01 Bomb 026
Sugar Plantation by Frans Janszoon Post
Frans Janszoon Post 01 Bomb 079
Gregory Crane: The Four Seasons by April Gornik
298519702 02112015 Gregory Crane 01 Bomb 067 Web
Untitled Photograph by Barbara Ess
Bomb 44 Ess 001 Body

Untitled monochrome color photograph by Barbara Ess.

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BOMB 26, Winter 1989

Jon Robin Baitz, David Cronenberg, Harry Mathews, Richard Martin, Peter Ackroyd, Annette Messager, Javier Vallhonrat, Jodi Long, Christian Boltanski, and Kenji Fujita.

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026 Winter 1988 89