Elizabeth Streb: Behind the Scenes

BOMB 112 Summer 2010
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“Elizabeth Streb is one of the most daring thinkers and performers I have ever known. She’s always expanding the boundaries of what can be done with the body, with physics, with gravity. A cross between Emmett Kelly, Albert Einstein, and Martha Graham, she is inspiring, fluid, and lives to think, deeply and profoundly, about quite literally what makes the world spin.”

A.M. Homes, in BOMB 112, Summer 2010

Interview: Richard Goldstein

Camera & Editing: Clinton Krute

Sound: Luke Degnan

Miguel Gutierrez: Powerful Person by Lindsay Howard
Miguel Gutierrez 01
Elizabeth Streb by A.M. Homes
Breakthrough Body

“What would a purely physical kind of grace look like? It wouldn’t look like a ballet dancer’s grace.”

Vera Lutter by Peter Wollen
Frankfurt Airport Xiii Updatedimage Body

According to most accounts, the camera obscura was developed in Europe during the 13th- and 14th-centuries, although versions of the device may have been used even earlier in China and the Arab world. 

Studio Visit: Sumie García by Brian Harkin
Sumie Garcia1

Sewing through photographs.

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BOMB 112, Summer 2010

Featuring interviews with Dan Asher, Elizabeth Streb and A.M Homes, Jessica Jackson Hutchins, Alain Mabanckou, Jennifer Egan, Edward Droste, Cynthia Hopkins, and Joan Jonas.

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112 20Cover