Elizabeth LeCompte & Richard Maxwell

Playwright Maxwell discusses his new production ISOLDE with LeCompte.

Richard Maxwell of New York City Players invited Elizabeth LeCompte from The Wooster Group to rehearsal for his play ISOLDE, which runs at Abrons Art Center April 10–26. Watch their post-rehearsal chat, conducted via television monitors and filmed by Zbigniew Bzymek.

Scott Shepherd by Richard Maxwell
Scott Shepherd 1
Issue #152: Jibz Cameron by Svetlana Kitto
Img 5411 2

The performance artist aka Dynasty Handbag recounts her journey from the San Francisco DIY scene to New York’s avant-garde theater world and ultimately to Hollywood.

Tina Satter by Richard Maxwell

Listening party

Generating Friction: Jamie Crewe Interviewed by Caroline Elbaor
A collage featuring text a woman's resting head and crossing orange lines titled, An amalgam, by Jamie Crewe

Depicting the complicated, conflicting, and ambivalent parts of transgender experience.