Elizabeth LeCompte & Richard Maxwell

Playwright Maxwell discusses his new production ISOLDE with LeCompte.

Richard Maxwell of New York City Players invited Elizabeth LeCompte from The Wooster Group to rehearsal for his play ISOLDE, which runs at Abrons Art Center April 10–26. Watch their post-rehearsal chat, conducted via television monitors and filmed by Zbigniew Bzymek.

Scott Shepherd by Richard Maxwell
Scott Shepherd 1
Tina Satter by Richard Maxwell

Listening party

Christiane Jatahy by Jay Scheib
Cia 20190220 12071

A radical “mirror game” between film and live performance, What If They Went to Moscow?, part of BAM’s Next Wave Festival, plays for two audiences, one in the theater and one in the cinema—then they switch.

Eluding the Brand: Kim Gordon Interviewed by Jane Ursula Harris
Kim Gordon1

Photographs and videos of public and private performance.