Dusted by William Wegman

BOMB 3 Spring 1982
003 Winter Spring 1982
3 Williamwegman Body

William Wegman, Dusted, 1982, color photograph from a 20 × 24 Polaroid Land camera on Polacolor II Film, 24 × 20 inches. Courtesy of Holly Solomon Gallery.

George Steel by William Wegman
Steel01 Body
Contingent Encounter: Sreshta Rit Premnath Interviewed by Sohrab Mohebbi
Premnath 2

Reminding us the artwork does not exist in a void.

Portfolio by Eve Fowler
Eve Fowler1

More than.

Offering a World: Garry Winogrand: Color Reviewed by Gideon Jacobs
Garry Winogrand1

Photography’s mess.

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BOMB 3, Spring 1982

Barbara Kruger & Richard Prince, Keith Sonnier, Valie Export, Alan Scarritt, and Jim Chladek. Cover by Mark Magill.

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003 Winter Spring 1982