Dusted by William Wegman

BOMB 3 Spring 1982

Abrons Art Center
Feb 1, 6:30pm

3 Williamwegman Body

William Wegman, Dusted, 1982, color photograph from a 20 × 24 Polaroid Land camera on Polacolor II Film, 24 × 20 inches. Courtesy of Holly Solomon Gallery.

George Steel by William Wegman
Steel01 Body
Selahattin Kardestuncer: baba, tailor, migrant by Sermin Kardestuncer
Morning Baba Died 2 Of 2 09 13 15

In 2017, I moved for several months to Ayvalik, a seaside town in southern Turkey. My father had spent many summers there in a two-story family house that overlooked the Aegean Sea. It was a place he loved. I couldn’t save my father. I decided to save his house instead. With the help of locals, we brought it back to the way it used to be. 

Peter Funch’s 42nd and Vanderbilt by Gideon Jacobs
D1 A

Photographer Peter Funch’s new book, 42nd and Vanderbilt, is a clever meditation on the commute, but more specifically, it’s a tightly designed experiment about routine.

End Page by Gabriela Vainsencher
G Vainsencher Shards 2

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BOMB 3, Spring 1982
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