Drawing by Louise Bourgeois

BOMB 18 Winter 1987
018 Winter 1987
Bomb 18 Bourgeois Body

Louise Bourgeois, Untitled, 1947, grey-blue ink on paper, 10⅝ × 8¼ inches. Courtesy Robert Miller Gallery.

Dorothea Tanning by Carlo McCormick
Tanning 01 Body
Black Slipping by Peter Blake
Article 724 14  Drake

Sanded, ink on paper work of a figure holding onto a galloping horse, Black Slipping by Peter Drake.

End Page by David Scher
David Scher Bomb 01

The End Is Near (In a Way), So Repent Somehow.

Tomi Ungerer by Natalie Frank
Tomi Ungerer Fornicon

“It’s so important to make your own little specks of peace around you. It’s a matter of being an idiot.”

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BOMB 18, Winter 1987

Martin Amis, Gretchen Bender by Cindy Sherman, Charles Henri Ford, and Roland Joffé.

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018 Winter 1987