Double-Num Wall Tattoo by Gretchen Faust

BOMB 38 Winter 1992

New York Live Arts presents

Marjani Forte
Nov 15-19

38 Faust 01 Body

Gretchen Faust, Double-Num Wall Tattoo, 1991, 12 × 10½ inches.

38 Faust 02 Body

Gretchen Faust, Double-Num Wall Tattoo, verso, 12 × 10½ inches.

Poem and Painting by Marjorie Welish
​Marjorie Welish 01
Untitled Drawing by Allan McCollum
Allan Mccollum Bomb 32

Artwork by Allan McCollum, 1988–90, pencil, 14 × 9½ inches. 

Shannon Ebner and Zoe Leonard
Zoe Leonard 0012

Both artists overturn photographic conventions to slow down our reading of physical and verbal landscapes. Their exchange touches on the retina, the sun, and camera obscura.

Vanessa Place: Poetry and the Conceptualist Period by Andrea Quaid

Andrea Quaid and Vanessa Place on the simultaneity, reflection, and transformation of conceptualism.

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BOMB 38, Winter 1992
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