Dilly-Dally: Keith Sonnier’s Sculptures by Carlos Brillembourg

Architect Carlos Brillembourg’s poetic meditation on Keith Sonnier’s sculptures at Mary Boone Gallery

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​Keith Sonnier 1

Keith Sonnier. Installation view, 2013. Mary Boone Gallery, NYC. All photos by Carlos Brillembourg.


Off the re
In my opinion
Clear as a bell
In fact
Lighting strikes three or four times
Sharp as knives
Even Steven
Listen to this
Pay as you go
It is just right
My cup of tea
A picture says a thousand words
Keith’s sculptures say more than all the tea in China
You can’t take it with you
Your part of the picture
And everything else
Sweet as
Check it out
If you can
Or just
Think about it
Or not
The question remains
Where is the art?
In you?
Or me?
Tea for all … let dilly delay

Carlos Brillembourg is an architect based in New York City, BOMB’s editor-at-large, and a board member of the Storefront for Art and Architecture.

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