Delia Doherty and Corey Tippin’s Total Beauty in Three Acts by Bill Cunningham

BOMB 10 Fall 1984
Issue 10 010  Fall 1984

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Bomb 10 Cunningham 001 Body

Patrick Phipps and Teri Toye. All photos by Bill Cunningham.

Bomb 10 Cunningham 002 Body

Patrick Phipps and Jane Thorvaldson.

Bomb 10 Cunningham 003 Body

Teri Toye, Jessica Stuchbury, Denyse Schmidt.

Bomb 10 Cunningham 004 Body


Two Photographs by Kate Simon
Bomb 14 Simon1 Body

Two photographs, Ethyl Eichelberger as Lucretia Borgia and Ann Magnuson as Mrs. Rambo by Kate Simon. Magnusons’ dress by Pilar Limosner and wig by Barry Hendrickson.

Charles Ludlam and Christopher Scott by Ted Castle
Ludlam 02

A lively conversation over tea between Charles Ludlam, the Artistic Director of the Ridiculous Theatrical Company, and Christopher Scott, the Executive Director of the Company, conducted by Ted Castle.

Ieva Misevičiūtė by Melanie Bonajo
Ieva Miseviciute Bomb Magazine 01

A performance artist who grew up in the circus uses clowning, street dance, and butoh in playful and provocative combinations.

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BOMB 10, Fall 1984

María Irene Fornés, Jeff Weiss, art by Cindy Sherman, Billy Sullivan, Robert Gober, Laurie Simmons, and more.

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Issue 10 010  Fall 1984