Corner Basher by Liz Larner

BOMB 29 Fall 1989

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​Liz Larner

Liz Larner, Corner Basher, 1988, steel, stainless steel, electric motor, speed control, 10 feet tall. Courtesy of 303 Gallery.

Liz Larner by Jeremy Gilbert-Rolfe
Larner 01
Portfolio by G. William Webb

Infinite Image-generators

Melvin Edwards by Michael Brenson
Edwards 1

“I just wanted to be sure I didn’t get caught not expressing what I thought was important to me. That can easily happen, because you can easily get discouraged by not being allowed to participate, or just being ignored, when you know your work is beyond ignoring.”

Chat Travieso by Anni Irish
Coolstop Body

Chat Travieso on creating in New York City, his adaptation of the found object and the importance of an optimistic attitude to the future.

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BOMB 29, Fall 1989
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