Considering the Void by President Jimmy Carter

BOMB 55 Spring 1996
Issue 55 055  Spring 1996
Jimmy Carter Bomb 055

Former President Jimmy Carter. Photo by Independent Television Service.

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From “Considering the Void” (New Orleans Review); Always A Reckoning and Other Poems (Times Books).

Roberto Bolaño by Carmen Boullosa
Roberto Bolaño 01
One Poem by Daniel Tiffany
Daniel Tiffany Poetry Banner

What’s wrong / with “ratty” whose / expectations cut, whose / trust shall be a spider’s web, got / 

One Poem by Broc Rossell
Broc Rossell Bomb 1

I’d like to address / the concern / regarding the / castle appearing / with a missing / rib, with the lack / of arable / land—

One Poem by Alissa Valles
Alissa Valles Bomb 2

All rhapsodes want it, to fold the world into a poem, / reconstrue a world in salvaged scraps & bracketed sighs;

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BOMB 55, Spring 1996

Featuring interviews with Frances McDormand, A.M. Homes, Padgett Powell, Tina Girouard, William Pope. L, Butch Morris, Malcolm Morley, Jafar Panahi, and John Elderfield.

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Issue 55 055  Spring 1996