Citta by Maurizio Pellegrin

BOMB 37 Fall 1991
037 Fall 1991
Pellegrin 001 Body

Maurizio Pellegrin, Citta (City), 1990, acrylic, cloth, hat molding form, objects on banners made of linen. 110¼ × 161½ × 7¾ inches. Courtesy Jack Shainman Gallery.

Nari Ward by Lee Jaffe
Ward Nari 1
Three Works by Nayland Blake
34 Blake 1 Body

Work Station #6 (envy)Come Armageddon, and Untitled by Nayland Blake.

Two Works by Cady Noland
Cady Noland, Anguish, 1988. Courtesy of American Fine Art.

Anguish and Basket of Action by Cady Noland.

Star Trek, Neo-Geo: The Next Generation by Steve DiBenedetto

Portfolio curated by Olivier Mosset.

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BOMB 37, Fall 1991

Featuring interviews with Nan Goldin, Elizabeth LeCompte, Robert Duvall, P.M. Dawn, Jane Wilson, Louis Edwards, Craig Coleman, James Chance, Hal Hartley, and Constance Congdon.

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037 Fall 1991