Christian Lacroix by Billy Sullivan

Two works on paper, Christian Lacroix, by Billy Sullivan—from the Artists Choose Designers portfolio, where nine New York artists interpret the work of nine fashion designers.

BOMB 24 Summer 1988
024 Summer 1988

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24 Sullivan 01 Body

Billy Sullivan, Christian Lacroix, 1988, ink on paper, 51 × 74 inches. Courtesy Fishbach Gallery.

24 Sullivan 02 Body

Billy Sullivan, Christian Lacroix, 1988, pastel on paper, 51 × 74 inches. Courtesy of Fishbach Gallery.

Billy Sullivan by Saul Ostrow
Sullivan 01 Body
Between Then and Now: on Kara Walker and Ta-Nehisi Coates by Rabia Ashfaque

Reminding us of what should never have been forgotten

End Page by David Scher
David Scher Bomb 01

The End Is Near (In a Way), So Repent Somehow.

Half-Hearted Slogan Dance by ​Austin English
189781677 04062017 Austin English Slogan Dance Bomb 01

Austin English is an artist living in New York. His book Gulag Casual was recently published by 2dcloud. He has exhibited his artwork and drawings in the US and abroad.

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BOMB 24, Summer 1988

Richard Prince by Marvin Heiferman, Christian Lacroix, Sandra Bernhard by Gary Indiana, John Patrick Shanley, Gregor von Rezzori, Cristobal Balenciaga, and more.

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024 Summer 1988