Chess by Michael DeForge

BOMB 154 Winter 2021
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Michael DeForge lives in Toronto, Ontario. His comics and illustrations have been featured in Jacobin, the New York Times, the Believer, and elsewhere. He worked as a designer on Adventure Time for six seasons. His published books include Ant Colony, A Western World, Stunt, and Familiar Face (Drawn & Quarterly, 2020).

Trenton Doyle Hancock by Bill Kartalopoulos
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The artist’s new graphic novel delves deeper into his mythic Moundverse, where gentle plant–animal vessels are protected by TorpedoBoy and hounded by tofu-eating enemies.

Box Without Head or Bottom by Son Ni
Bob Mankoff by Anya Jaremko-Greenwold
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“Humor teaches us that you can be a good person but also have bad thoughts.”

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BOMB 154, Winter 2021

Our winter issue includes interviews with Tashi Dorji, Danielle Evans, Walton Ford, Guadalupe Maravilla, Mary Lovelace O’Neal, the Ross Brothers, and Aaron Turner; DIY cookbooklets from Dindga McCannon; poetry by Rae Armantrout, Imani Elizabeth Jackson, and Allison Parrish; prose by Langston Cotman, GennaRose Nethercott, and Brontez Purnell; a comic by Michael DeForge; protest drawings by Steve Mumford; and more.

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