Calypso Illogics by Jeffrey Gustavson

BOMB 57 Fall 1996
Issue 57 057  Fall 1996


Stick figure before
Desert Quonset, rays
Knife eastward evolving

Parables of discourse
Furioso and all
Rushlight quartered for

Convex latter stages
Of dehydration before
D(r)ownings of mirages.



Turbulent face of
The breakwater exposed
To longest waves

Lost in microöxbows
Born of chance
Sockdolagers’ endless initiatives,

Each molecule’s stoic
Frolic dissipated by
Entropy midfumble.



Fled the camelhairs’
Stringentest efforts the
Plicated pluvial scape

Swollen detail impossible
Under scrutiny wavering
Ever narrower raptures

Not to be
Restrained under phantoms
Argued onto fleet.

The Alliance Poets by Thomas Bolt

Originally published in

BOMB 57, Fall 1996

Featuring interviews with Jasper Johns, Tobias Wolff, Laurie Simmons, Sapphire, Scott Elliott, Brenda Blethyn, Craig Lucas, Suzannah Lessard & Honor Moore, Peter Dreher, and Richard Einhorn.

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Issue 57 057  Fall 1996