Bus Series by Cindy Sherman

BOMB 10 Fall 1984
Issue 10 010  Fall 1984

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10 Sherman 1 Body
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All images by Cindy Sherman from the Bus Series, 1976.

Trajal Harrell’s Twenty Looks or Paris is Burning at the Judson Church (s) by Richard J. Goldstein
Article 4817  Trajal  Harrell

Trajal Harrell’s recent solo performance at the New Museum was organized as a series of “looks” that collided voguing fashion with postmodern regimes, as its title suggests.

Two Photographs by Kate Simon
Bomb 14 Simon1 Body

Two photographs, Ethyl Eichelberger as Lucretia Borgia and Ann Magnuson as Mrs. Rambo by Kate Simon. Magnusons’ dress by Pilar Limosner and wig by Barry Hendrickson.

Cindy Sherman by Betsy Sussler
Sherman 01

Cindy Sherman’s earliest photographic work displayed her posed tauntingly in sets. Mimicry, mostly of ’50s and ’60s film, they anticipated a voyeuristic response.

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BOMB 10, Fall 1984

María Irene Fornés, Jeff Weiss, art by Cindy Sherman, Billy Sullivan, Robert Gober, Laurie Simmons, and more.

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Issue 10 010  Fall 1984