Burroughs by Howard Brookner

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BOMB 7 Fall 1983

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Bomb 7 Ginsburg 001 Body

This is Wittgenstein: “If we have a prerecorded universe in which everything is prerecorded, then the only thing that is not prerecorded are the prerecordings themselves! If with my cut ups I was attempting to tamper with the original prerecordings, then I think I have succeeded to some modest extent.”

Bomb 7 Ginsburg 002 Body

Allen Ginsburg, Photograph of William Burroughs, NYC 1953.

“… it was the piecemeal portrait of a very strange man. And it was fascinating, as intermittently beautiful and as funny as the man’s own work.”

—Lucy Hughes Hallett, The Standard

Bomb 7 Ginsburg 003 Body

Allen Ginsburg, Lucien Cart, William Burroughs.

“… If he is a demon, he is one who has cleverly disguised himself as an elf; like many genuises, he has retained a childlike quality which renders him invulnerable …”

—Peter Ackroyd, The Times

V. Vale by Karlynne Ejercito
V Vale 1
Filming the Unspeakable: The Cinema of Yvonne Rainer by Dana Reinoos
Yvonne Rainer Films 01

Radical feminist films from the legendary choreographer, artist, and dancer

Kevin Jerome Everson by Jordan Cronk
Kevin Jerome Everson Bomb 1

“I don’t make films for the audience, I make them for the subjects, and I try to position those subjects and the camera so that there’s a element of generosity between the two.”

Antonio Campos and Robert Greene by Nicholas Elliott
Antonio Campos Christine Bomb 01

Two films tell the tragic story of reporter Christine Chubbuck’s on-air suicide in 1974.

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